Letter to the Admins please read and support!

Dearest Sam McPherson,

One of the more recent messages on the discussion board has announced a Portuguese fan fic contest of sorts for Season 6 hiatus. Unfortunately I and a few other Lostpedia users are not Portuguese nor do we speak the language. And though I would love to learn this lovely language (and it is quite lovely) by the time I mastered it Season 6 would be over and we would be half way through the reality spin off series Jack and Locke plus 8 (I know Kate would have been the obvious choice but I would much rather watch this show). But I digress, I think it would be great if Lostpedia-America had its own fan fic contest. Hec if the Portuguese can do it why not us. Of course this is up to you Oh great and powerful Administrator. There would be rules of course, such as

No Explicit material (As much as I would like to see the Smoke monster and the Polar Bear get it on it is just not the right time.)

The scripts will follow the same story line (Wouldn't want to see Jack die and then come back to life and then die again, there is already enough of that in the show.)

The scripts will also follow the season 6 rules which means no time travel or flash backs/forwards (This is up to you, I personally think it is better this way but you might enjoy the occasional flash back)

  • this also means that the story line of the previous winning script must be followed in the next one.

Lastly, it would be good if we also added the runner ups so people can see some great scripts that just didn't make it.

I don't know if you have already seen this idea or not, I wouldn't be surprised if some one already proposed it. But still keep this into consideration. You can change the rules if you want to they were just a suggestion.

E-mail me back if you like/hate the idea, even if it is just to tell me you would rather shoot yourself than go along with it.

Yours truly, Michael Bardon BenKilledDharma

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