Yes. I know that a lot of you felt let down by this episode. But we have to face that it was really very necessary to the story of Lost.

Yes, it took an abrupt break from last week's action, yes it seemed rushed, but they only had one hour to cram that entire story into and had to do it. Perhaps it wasn't the epic, thrilling, and awe-inspiring episode we made it out to be, but it just frankly did not need to be that. It needed to tell Jacob's and MIB's backstory, and it did.

We learned why MIB wants to leave so badly, who Adam and Eve are, how the smoke monster was created, and how Jacob came to be the leader of the island. Their story was meant to be a tragedy rather than an epic tale. We as fans needed to know these things to progress with the current island story and we now can.

On this week's note, I believe that we are in for an adventure -- the backstory has been given, and we can now move on to the conclusion.

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