LA X is just around the corner and I'm almost crapping myself with anticipation and excitement. I've rewatched and rewatched, theorized, contemplated, read other fans' thoughts, and seen every promo. All of this has led me to reflect on the epic journey (God I'm addicted to this show). I've gone through everything that I love about it, things I hate about it, things that made me laugh, and things that made me almost cry. Here are a few of the things I've noticed:

I've always loved Ben. He's the perfect bad guy, even though he might not be a bad guy. He's smart, calculating, and always has a plan.

I never cared much for Libby. I didn't get to know her for long enough to really be upset by her death.

The Egyptian mythology on the island is something I've loved sinse the moment it was brought on the show.

I love Rousseau and her story.

Jacob's long-lasting ambiguity has left me hungry for more after the Season Five finale.

Although I loved Ben, I wasn't a fan of Dead is Dead.

Greatest Hits, The Incident, and The Shape of Things to Come are my favorite episodes.

Stranger in a Strange Land and SOS are my least favorite.

To me, the saddest story on Lost is the Kate/Tom relationship. I tear up every time I watch the episode Whatever the Case May Be.

These are a few of my random thoughts; what are your's?

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