Okay, I have some thoughts about Christian, the dead, and MIB. Bear with me on this....

So, we've been told that the whispers are those who cannot move on (possibly their souls trapped on the island).

We've seen the Others (as well as the DHARMA folk) take great care into burying, burning, or setting bodies out to sea after they die.

What if, in order to ultimately lose one's soul, you have to find a final resting place (a grave, for example). So anyone who has not found their eternal rest is what traps them on the island. Think about Michael. He was killed in an explosion -- no final resting place. And now this leads us to Christian...

He was on his way to be buried in LA when he landed on the island. So he has not found peace in death, not yet anyway. So his soul is trapped in the confines of the island, like Michael in Everybody Loves Hugo. But, his body is nowhere to be found -- it is still able to be taken over by the MIB. This allows for two seperate "apparitions" to be taken place: one, where he appears to the Losties in the form of the whispers, and another, where he appears as MIB.

So, in summary, one's soul and one's body are two entirely different things. The soul can become the whispers, while the body can be used by MIB. Thoughts?

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