• Bel the dragon


    March 31, 2010 by Bel the dragon

    If Locke walks pass the sonic fence, 1. mib is been moved by a higher power. But which higher power? Likely Faraday who has moved MiB to claire or kate (not warriors. 2. who else can dispose of Charles: Jin(who seems to become an expert on electromagnetic fields (thaks to Faraday), sayid, sawyer, and of course, ben. No human does mass murder with more style than ben.

    If faraday is reunited with desmond, Bad things will happen to widmore.

    Faraday scares both Mib and jacob. They avoid him. MiB and faraday never have spoken with Faraday.

    Hurley has been approached by jacob only after jacob's death. Mib and faraday have never even spoke to him. He is the lie detector. jacob selects his words carefully when he talks to Hurley. GET THAT RED SHIRT …

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