Hello dearest Losties! Frogurt is a long running joke. Granted. BUT I think he is meant as a modern Greek chorus or, maybe more suitably, as a modern Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. He's the "unimportant" voice that always seems to be commenting on what's going but is as completely mystified as us, the viewers. And yes, he lives. Does he represent any great theory or scheme on the part of the writers? Only in that they want to show that because of what didn't happen, other things didn't happen. From the beginning we've been presented with these broken characters searching for redemption and by the end of Season 5 they'd found it, sort of. Kate was a mother to Aaron. Charlie proved to be an unselfish man who gave his life so the others could be warned. Sawyer dropped his goatish behavior and had a lovely life with Juliet. Hurley, shadowed by the "curse" of the numbers, found validation in his being able to speak to dead people and make a mean egg salad sandwich. Sun and Jin had reconciled and, though separated by time, were unwilling to stop looking for each other. Even Sayid, who had found his true love, lost her, found her again only to lose her permanently had then found a purpose in killing Ben. After finding out Ben had lived he gave everything he had to ensure Jack could complete his mission. And then there's Locke. Oh man, I'm sure there's a Doctorate Thesis somewhere out there trying to dissect and attribute what this man has gone through and what his intentions are. I think he's been Smokey since the moment he woke up on the beach. I had an unsettling moment when I re-watched the Pilot. He brings back Vincent and wakes Michael so that Walt will think his dad brought his dog back. Cue sounds of a joyfully reunited boy and his dog at play and then the camera fixes in on John Locke. With a very ugly and mean look on his face. And then the very distinctive guttural clicking sound of the Smoke Monster. So, I don't want to get too involved with what is going on there except to say that he had finally achieved his ends in killing Jacob. I do have more on this idea but I want to stick to my original thesis here which is that when Jack, who was soooo looking for redemption and proof that he "had what it took", gets it so set in his mind that they needed to explode the Hydrogen bomb in order to set things right that he was failing to see that the Universe was, in fact, self-correcting already. Maybe just in a way no one was expecting. I believe that the sideways timeline is showing us the results of such short sightedness. Because the plane never crashed Charlie gets hauled off to jail, Sawyer is still an ass, Hurley is the "Luckiest guy in the world" (a quick show of hands, how many think that'll last very long?), Sun and Jin are distrusting of each other, and John is sappy sad old John. And Frogurt, who is everybody's favorite twit, is alive and well. My intention was for this post to be a concise effort at settling some issues flying about in my head so in that spirit, may I just say: Because what didn't happen happened, what happened...didn't. That being said, I have full faith that the Universe, and the Writers, will course correct and show that freewill, and not Jack's "Destiny," will out in the end. And by the way, did any one else think it strange that when Jack came out of his meditation on the clouds through the plane window he had an odd bemused look on his face and then, when he went to the bathroom, he found a cut on his neck? I couldn't find any reason for this cut to be there. He was bloody all over from his fight from Sawyer and the battle at the Swan station but in rewatching there's nothing done to that particular part of his neck. BUT, in the lead into this Season's Premiere they show Faraday talking about exploding the bomb with a big ole patch over that part of his neck! amongst yerselves!--Beezelbub 05:00, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

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