• Beav350

    Dressing up lost style for Halloween! I have chosen to be Kate or Juliet in their motor pool jumpsuit, just haven't yet decided which wig to buy. I really wanted to be Roger Work man, (workman), Ben's dad, but can only find a navy jumpsuit where I live (Finland). Anybody else doing the same?

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  • Beav350

    Hurley MUST be..

    September 24, 2009 by Beav350

    Extremely important to the end of the show, I believe. He can see dead people. Jacob calls it a gift. Jacob may be dead. Hurley may be a candidate. When Alpert finds out Ben as a child saw his dead mother, in a place she shouldn't be (the island) he immediately shows interest in Ben. As he has stated, the selection process for leadership begins at an early age, but the dead-people ability seemed to me to signal that Ben was important. If Hurley pops forward 30 years, will Alpert be interested in him for the same reason? Hurley as the leader? Sounds a bit off, but a good way to finish this story off. A non-aggresive, honest (remember THE LIE? Hurley likes the truth)leader for the first time in known island history, and everybody l…

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  • Beav350

    Even if there is a reset...

    September 21, 2009 by Beav350

    Which it appears they will at least pretend occurs (I hate the idea completely), Juliet would find herself still having an affair with Goodwin. And having her bookclub. If the Losties never crash then life would continue fron "A tale of two cities" for the others. It seemed pretty boring over there until a plane fell from the Sky...

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  • Beav350

    3 cases, 1 lagoon

    August 28, 2009 by Beav350

    Ok, bored on a train to Helsinki, so a few thoughts:

    1) From what we can tell, the lagoon at the waterfall has had 3 cases in it: The marshall's gun case, Hurley's (Charlie's?) guitar case, and Hurley, a HEAD CASE. Sorry. 2) A precedent for an inland boat. In the 1977 movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3rd Kind, a very large commercial boat is found in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, many thousands of miles from water, having disappeared 30 years earlier in the caribbean sea. That's all, carry on. Read more >
  • Beav350

    With nothing else to do...

    August 27, 2009 by Beav350

    I'd like to read to you a few lines from a song called "From the cradle" by my favorite band Widespread Panic (2006), and tell me if you see a Lost influence here (the title is the first suspicious phrase):

    Black hole, paradise found, and a sun so dark and a sun so bright, Blue sky, over our heads, why the hell is everything turning out grey now, All things are not what they seem, the man behind the curtain he's probably mean, Deep six keeps the population down, Broken, soaking wet, Lost and floating around
    Keep your head down, keep your voice down, oh, listen to the sound, All the races, all the faces, just might find a winner lying on the ground, Undertake it, and try to shake it, can't fake it now, now, From the cradle, … Read more >

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