Has anyone been noticing that in every flash sideways we see, we meet someone again who we met before on the island or had something to do with the island in the original timeline. In Kate's episode, we see Ethan. In Locke's we see Ben. Jack's, Dogen. Sayid's, Martin Keamy. For Ben's I think its either Alex or his dad, but I'm leaning towards Alex because he would have known his dad anyway but Alex had to somehow get connected with his life again. I was sure we were gonna see Danielle, but oh well. Anyway, does this have some kind of importance that even without the island, everyone will still have their connections with the people they met on the island? Locke and Ben had lots of experiences on the island together, they meet again in the alternate timeline. Jack and Dogen are always arguing it out about fate and stuff, they meet in the alternate timeline. Claire is kidnapped by Ethan to test her baby, she meets him again as the doctor for her baby. Sayid and Keamy had a big fight on the island where Sayid almost died, they fight it out again this time Sayid killing Keamy. Ben has a close relationship with his daughter on the island, same as the alternate timeline. See where I'm going with this?

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