Ok, so I've been thinking a lot about how time travel works in the LOST universe. This may get a little confusing so just stay with me. When the Losties get stuck in 1977 Sawyer makes a comment to Jack saying that on the mainland Anthony Cooper had conned his family only 2 years ago and that he could have stopped it but he didn't. That means that while the Losties are all on the island in Dharma time, their younger counterparts are all on the mainland living their lives. So when the atom bomb blew up and made the alternate timeline where Oceanic 815 never crashed, it didn't actually make a different timeline. There was no big white flash that caused all the Losties to disappear and appear on the plane. The counterpart Losties on the mainland just continued their lives as usual without the plane crashing. They all boarded Oceanic 815 as usual, but didn't crash because the electromagnetic energy was destroyed. The Losties that blew up the bomb, however, stayed on the island and somehow got sent back to the present. So, is it possible that these two timelines that we see in season 6 aren't actually two separate timelines? The Losties on the mainland are existing at the same time as the Losties on the mainland. Its the same timeline. The island Losties just continued their lives and the mainland Losties just continued theirs. Is anyone getting this or am I just crazy?

  • Edit: Oh wait, the island is underwater in the alternate timeline. Crap, I thought I had a really good theory. Comment anyway on what you think!

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