Am I the only one worried that season 6 will be a let down? I read somewhere that Damon and Lindeloff said that this season is "for the fans." That worries me, because honestly if the show was completely made by the fans, it would be terrible. This tells me that Charlie will come back to life randomly and probably be in every episode, random characters like Boone will be back just to make a few people happy, every answer to all the questions will be rushed and probably terrible explanations just to get them out of the way. More time for Charlie! Yay! Fuck Charlie. He was great and all, but they way he was killed off was perfect. And he didn't really have anything else to do anyway. Sure he could be with Claire, but they were already in love with each other and he knew that, thats probably all he needed.

I dont know. I was pissed when I learned that all those people are coming back. There's just no time. They better all be in flashbacks or dreams or something. Boone and Shannon? Really? What else do we need from them?

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