Stop complaining about it. The thing that pretty much sums it all up was when Jacob's Mother says "Every question I answer will just lead to another question."

US: What is the Source? LOST: A large pool of electromagnetic energy. US: Why is it there? LOST: The Island is...conneted to the core of the Earth. US: Why? LOST: I dont know, magic. US: Why is there magic? LOST: I dont know, aliens put there alright. US: Who are the aliens? LOST: They're from Pluto. US: How did they get here?

See, with some things there's no point in answering them. I'm sure the writers wanted to explain everything, but they couldn't. The kid who played Walt is too old, Eko refused to come back for the finale, etc. They answered as much as they could, and I'm happy with it.

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