So Comic Con is coming up. I never dress up or anything, except for last year I dressed like the Punisher. Well its the last year of Lost, and if I ever wanted to dress up like someone or something from Lost, its now or never. [Not counting that day I randomly decided to act like Locke all day, I was told I seemed more "at peace", I do weird stuff like that sometimes for practice] Here's my ideas so far:

1. The Monster- I was gonna spray paint cottonballs and just I guess glue them to myself? Might get pretty uncomfortable and honestly I dont think many people would get it. Unless I kind of slithered everywhere I went and made noises. And yes...I've tried making the noises with my mouth, I cant do it very well. I bet you've all tried too.

2. Richard- I'd be willing to wear eyeliner and act/talk like him all day, but I dont think ANYbody would get it. Even Lost fans. I would look like an metrosexual that decided to dress really nice for some reason.

3. The Island. I was gonna get lots and lots of little toy trees and plants and glue them to myself (I'd be wearing long sleeves obviously) and recreate scenes from the show on different parts of me with little action figures or something. Maybe draw the blast door map on my shirt, have a toy crocodile standing on my head (wear a hat?) have some of the black cottonballs somewhere on me, etc.

So I dont know. Anyone have any ideas? I'm willing to go pretty far if it means entertaining people. I dont care how rediculous the idea is.

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