So my friend got me all the music from LOST. I just wanted the song that plays whenever people go on a long treck ("Pilot" when they climb up the hill, "Follow the Leader" when they're walking to Jacob) because I walk a lot. Anyway, he gave me it all, and there are some pretty funny/chessy titles they have for them. Here's the cheesiest ones.

"Thinking Clairly" "Crocodile Locke" "Locked Up Again" "The Good Shepard" (Thats the walking music) "Eko of the Past" "Kate's Motel" (Like Bate's Motel) "Booneral" "Shannonagins" "All Jacked Up" "Jintimidating Bernard" "Monsters are Such Interesting People" "Rushin the Russian" "Through the Locke-ing Glass" "Jack FM" And here is by far the best one.....are you ready for this?

"Leggo My Eko"

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