Its confirmed the Man in black was Christian....on day 3 when Jack saw him. I'm still convinced Christian is still on the island or something. Here's the evidence:

1. His body was missing! Opposed to Yemi, Alex, and Locke's, who's corpses have been seen. Its like he got up and walked away or something.

2. I dont take credit for this, I read it somewhere on this website, but Christian time traveled with Locke and co. Do we have proof that MIB did? He was in the real time with Ben and Jacob and everybody obviously. He didn't go with them to the 70's or anything. Cant do both. Also, they were back in the statue days, that was when he had a body, and "how could he take the form of a man who was not even born yet?" Not my words.

3. His clothes change. Nobody else dead he's impersonated clothes change. I'm convinced that was MIB in the cabin with Claire, I think when he's in a suit its him. But at the Dharma wheel, he wasn't.

4. Why would the monster appear to Locke, Michael, anyone who isn't Jack or Claire, as Christian? I can see (if it was in fact him) going to Locke at the wheel as Christian so he can say "tell my son I said hello" to get Jack to come back, but why any other time?

5. Jack saw him OFF the island. The monster can not go off the island. That should end this right here.

6. The biggest dead giveaway I think that proves there is more to Christian, Jack was not satisified with that answer. He wasn't content with it, something told him there was more to it than just the monster impersonating him "so he can find water." Which is a bullshit answer. You can see that by the way he said it. He hesitated.

I refuse. There will be more Christian! I was hoping he'd show up at the end of the episode. Good episode, but weak ending.

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