Anyone ever think of this? Maybe Jacob has control of the beach and Dick has control of the jungle. Lets break this down, lets start with the Monster. Some people think the Monster is Dick, for those people, notice the Monster cant go on the beach. If it could, everyone would be killed in "Pilot." Its stuck in the jungle, just like someone else we know. For people who believe Monster is working with Dick, maybe it had Alex make Ben leave him alone because he wants Jacob dead too. Well why would it want Jacob dead? Maybe so it wouldn't have boundaries anymore, and with him out of the way, it could go where it pleases. The same could be said if the Monster does its own thing. Personally, I like to think its its own party and has got nothing to do with the war. But maybe it would want Jacob dead for its own reasons, not so evil will win or anything like that.

I dont know, I cant help but think the beach is sacred in some way. Its where most of the main characters are seen for the majority of the show, and they were almost always safe. The only danger on the beach was the Others. But thats freewill, Jacob's got nothing to do with that. But the jungle (its cool to cuss on here right) is fucked! Monsters, Others, haunted cabins, ghosts, Dharma, everything weird about the island. I know Christian was seen on the beach, but for all we know he might be good. That was the one weird thing that happened on the beach. Is it just me or all these creepy things staying away from the beach?

I think its safe to assume now that the man in the cabin was Nemesis. Any objections? We know he was isolated into that cabin. But the cabin kept moving around. Maybe he was isolated into the jungle in general.

I dont know if I actually buy this, its just a thought. Maybe its literally a war FOR the island. If this theory is right, I think it would be interesting. Because now with Jacob gone, nothing is safe. The whole island is like your deep in the heart of the jungle.

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