Ok, so I saw the Lost panel at Comicon, and I'm sure most of you did on youtube or something, (Bastards, I should have just went and got Rob Zombie's autograph and watched the panel at home) and they confirmed some things:

1: Juliet and Faraday are coming back, though Faraday is confirmed dead, so he'll be a flashback or something.

2: Richard will be in almost every episode, AND he will have flashbacks....

3: They had a memorial video tribute to the main characters who have died, but Locke and Jacob were not in it. Thats probably a hint.

4: Jacob has NEVER come to the characters as any other form other than himself. So no more "Jacob is Vincent" "Jacob is Jack" "Jacob is the monster." I was getting sick of that.

5: And finally, they will answer "everything that matters." So I'm sure they wont say what happened to Claire's bird, or Libby, but we will know about Jacob & Dick, the statue, the monster, the island in general, the numbers, whispers, ghosts, etc. I was so glad when I heard that, I was worried they wouldn't.

And I'm coining that phrase "answertainment."

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