So for fun I'm coming up with logical (meaning sounding like something the show would actually do) explanations to all the questions left untouched. I'm making pretty good progress, and I'll post my theories on here if you'd all like to see them. But the one question I'm having trouble with (and all the theories on Lostpedia were outdated and debunked by now) is: WHO was it that said "Help Me" in the cabin??? Naturally, it would be safe to assume the Man in Black, but that doesn't make sense anymore. The ash! He couldn't have been locked in there, the Monster had been roaming around freely way before that. Which further helps my theory that the writers hadn't decided the Monster and MiB were one in the same until season 6.

So I thought, perhaps the ash keeps the Monster OUT rather than in. Well then who was it? Couldn't have been Jacob, he doesn't have those powers. My best bet yet is that it wasn't the ash that deflects the Monster necessarily, but rather just ash Horace used to pinpoint where the cabin should be, since it likes to move around a lot (which I have a very good explanation for thanks to this very website). So maybe it was the MiB, and it was random ash? But that seems random and I'm not happy with it. Any ideas???

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