This isn't about what will happen to the characters or the story or anything, this is my predictions to how we will see them. There are no spoilers here, I haven't looked up the names of upcoming episodes or anything crazy, these are just predictions to how the show will wrap up.

I think (hope) there will be two more episodes similar to Richard's. One for Widmore, and obviously one for Dick (MIB, The Monster, etc.). Those two episodes would pretty much wrap up any and all questions. I think a Widmore episode would show he the Others took out the military, Dharmas arrival on the island, pretty much anything that isn't Jacob and Dick. Then the bad guy's episode would show everything there is to know about the island, Jacob, the cabin, and most of all what the hell IS he.

His episode would probably be the last one before the finale so the questions are out of the way, then the finale would be everything that happens to everyone. Live, live, die, die, etc.

The writers have done a nice job of keeping what is going on on the island simple. The temple is done, we saw all of Jacob's little road side attractions, everything on the island has pretty much been seen by now. All that really needs to happen is the monster is probably going to rape all Widmore's men, then Richard and the gang will show up, and Sawyer will lead people to the sub, etc. Its going to be chaos. I cant even comprehend a theory of what will happen, I'm not trying to.

Anyway, there are 5 left. I think it will go flash sideways, Widmore, flash sideways, flash sideways (and those will wrap up the sideways things finally) Monster, finale.

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