Firstly, I just did what must be my billionth rewatch of season five and I was thinking about all the subtle hints about John being MIB, namely the ones in Dead is Dead and Follow the Leader (Ben - 'I guess this is like and outer body experience for you'. Locke - 'Something like that') and i remembered a few months ago I'm sure I saw a video of all these moments put together, does any one recal this?m I'd very much like to watch it again :D haha

Secondly any thoughts as to when were gonna get to see official promotional stuff. Theres the trailer with the eye at the end, and im sure there was another someone filmed in a cinema, and of corse theres the new poster. But I was thinking more of something along the lines of the one we got for season 5, with the new footage like desmond coming out of the Swan in his yellow radiation suit thing and the flaming arrows and stuff. Any thoughs?

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