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  • Baxter300

    Matthew Abaddon

    February 6, 2010 by Baxter300

    This is taken from the Lostpedia page on Abaddon

    • Matthew Abaddon was a mysterious agent of Charles Widmore whose job was to get people to "where they needed to be." Chronologically, he was first seen suggesting to John Locke that he take a walkabout in order to find his "purpose in life," an event that ultimately led Locke to the Island aboard Oceanic Flight 815.

    So my question is if the hydrogen bomb did indeed sink the island and possibly kill everyone who was still there, then assuming Locke wasn't younger than 21 at the time of his paralysis, who told him to go on the walkabout?

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  • Baxter300


    February 1, 2010 by Baxter300

    For anyone who read my last blog, where I said I was continuing my rewatch, I'm up to episode 3-18 DOC, who thinks I'll be able to finish my re watch before wednesday morning, I have roughly 28 hours untill LOST 6-01/02 are available for download lol

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  • Baxter300

    Crazy/Ambitious target

    January 29, 2010 by Baxter300

    Over the christmas holidays I decided to start yet another rewatch, however I got distracted when I got back to uni in january and stopped. So I'v decided to try and finish my current re watch before season six starts, im currently on episode 2.20 - Two For the Road, looking forward to seeing Tom and Sarah meet :P I have also decided that my punishment if i cant watch all remaining episodes will be that I have to delay my viewing of the new episode. So what does everyone think, impossible? Too cruel to my self? haha

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  • Baxter300

    Firstly, I just did what must be my billionth rewatch of season five and I was thinking about all the subtle hints about John being MIB, namely the ones in Dead is Dead and Follow the Leader (Ben - 'I guess this is like and outer body experience for you'. Locke - 'Something like that') and i remembered a few months ago I'm sure I saw a video of all these moments put together, does any one recal this?m I'd very much like to watch it again :D haha

    Secondly any thoughts as to when were gonna get to see official promotional stuff. Theres the trailer with the eye at the end, and im sure there was another someone filmed in a cinema, and of corse theres the new poster. But I was thinking more of something along the lines of the one we got for seas…

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  • Baxter300

    Ok. . . . . . Hi admin people, now I have your attention, given that you are blatently still active on this site, deleting posts and what not, why cant who ever it is that regulates the comunity blog portion of the site also just do quick little LP blogs for us? All that most of us want is a jump off point, just a title and a link would even do! Just so we can analyse/discuss the newest posters.

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