Thanks to the Artist Formerly Known as Henry Gale for the help on making this one!!!

So, I've been thinking about the nature of the Island and how it relates to MIB [haha last blog I created we still hadn't settled on an official name for MIB yet lol]. I've been wondering if the Island was to keep MIB there and ...


Jacob's wine bottle discussion suggests that. Now let me go further. If MIB is evil incarnate, maybe keeping him on the island prevents the end of the world... for now. Perhaps this is why the Island has so many special "energies"... It doesn't move through time to keep people FROM the Island, but to keep MIB from LEAVING the Island. Jacob might need candidates not to protect the Island as MIB claimed to Sawyer, but to keep MIB there. Remember when Widmore was trying to capture Ben and kill everyone else? Perhaps Widmore was trying to kill the monster. Widmore may know that Ben is definitely NOT the monster, so he wanted to save him (probably so he could gloat, too). This might also explain why the Others kept people from leaving the Island until they can be reasonably sure that the person trying to leave is not the monster. Perhaps this was the "loophole"... MIB had to find someone that enough people trusted to use that person's appearance to begin his departure.

I think that MIB in the real world = Armageddon, echoing Hurley's statements relayed from Isabella.

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