With all that's going on, both with LOST ending and some negative backlash concerning its conclusion, allow me to take you to my "source" and tell you what LOST means to me.

I first saw the trailers around 2005, like many. I saw it and thought, "O gee whiz, there's a dinosaur in the jungle. It's 'The Lost World' with bikinis." I was convinced the show was going to be a minor action show with just enough action to disguise the fact that it was basically an excuse to see women in bikinis [that was backlash from footage with Kate standing on the beach]. So, the show premiered, ignored by me. I had just moved in to college, so I really didn't have time to follow the show anyway, even if it was good.

It was several weeks before I could make it back home. And when I did, all my mom could talk about was LOST. "O, that show where there's a dinosaur?" I feigned. My mom wouldn't be put down. She told me all about the characters: the good doctor, the pain in the butt conman, the hunter freed of his wheelchair, etc. I was intrigued. I decided, okay, I'll give it a watch. I believe the first episode I saw was, "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues". I caught up on the rest on VHS copies my family had made.

I was hooked.

For the rest of the year my family speculated on what it all meant. Was it a science experiment? Was it a government secret? What "task" were they brought there to accomplish? And of course, there was "Exodus". Who were those people? Why did they want Walt? WHAT WAS IN THAT FRIGGIN HATCH???

All throughout the summer, I theorized with my mom about what the answers to the mysteries were.

Then, during the summer, my mom was killed in an auto accident.

Of course I had all the emotions of dealing with the loss of my mom. She was a great person, possibly the best person I have ever known.

One of the many things that hurt was the things we would never be able to share together. One of those, as pathetic as is sounds, was the mystery of the hatch from LOST. I know this may sound sad or stupid, but there are days when I wish I could have her back, even if just for a day, to share simple things like that. But I can't, so I have to go on.

Season 2 brought new surprises. And, like Locke, I felt like things happen for a reason. My mom's death, as random as it seemed, happened for a reason. Art was imitating life in a way. I continued watching, addicted as ever.

Then, in 2006, I started dating a girl I had met in college. I shared LOST with her, but she didn't want to watch it. I owned the season 2 DVDs, but she would not watch them.

Then I figured, I should probably get around to buying season 1, which I did. I was helping my then girlfriend set up her room in her sister's house and I had the set with me. I was about to put on a random disc for sound as I helped put up some shelves when my girlfriend walked in.

"What are you watching?" She asked.

"Oh, LOST."

"Is this the season 1 you just bought?"

"Yeah, but I'll probably just throw in a favorite episode. Not the first one."

"Why not start at the beginning?"

"I've seen them all."

"I haven't."

Turns out, she didn't want to start watching when all I owned was season 2. How can you understand a show starting 1 season in? I had to agree, that was a good reason to wait. All this time,I thought she never wanted to watch LOST and she was willing to try it now that I had season 1. We watched the first few episodes and she was hooked. The character interactions and the bizarre mysteries hooked her just as they had hooked me years earlier. Now I had a new viewing companion. We watched as we found out the freighter was "Not Penny's Boat", when the world fell around the Oceanic 6, and just why Locke had it in for Jacob.

In 2008, I married my wonderful girlfriend. I have found a life companion who not only wants to complete LOST with me, but, more importantly, wants to join me in my life and I in hers.

It's been a strange, wonderful journey, one that I began with my mom and am about to end with my wife. [Interestingly, the series finale now airs the day before my second anniversary!] Sometimes I feel like, looking back, my life should be a dialogue-less series of images set to "Life and Death".

I've enjoyed every step of the journey, from the Desmond and Pennys to the Nikki and Paolos. But I have enjoyed it every step of the way. It has been one of the greatest journeys of my life.

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