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February 22, 2007
  • Bauerman24

    I was thinking laterally here [I think that I'm good at thinking laterally lol] and I wondered about how Alfred Hitchcock would have felt about LOST. That's when it occurred to me: the Source is a MacGuffin. A MacGuffin is a Hitchcock term used to describe a plot element that means a great deal to those involved with the story but seems really meaningless to the audience. The MacGuffin gives the characters motivation to struggle opposing forces even though the audience at large sees the element as worthless to the audience. For example, the Macguffin in "North by Northwest" is a statue filled with microfilm that MAY contain government secrets. It's important to all characters involved but the audience itself never learns the actual materia…

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  • Bauerman24

    LOST joke...

    May 20, 2010 by Bauerman24

    If the islanders only knew... all they needed was Safari web browser, and the light cave would be so easy to see...


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  • Bauerman24

    With all that's going on, both with LOST ending and some negative backlash concerning its conclusion, allow me to take you to my "source" and tell you what LOST means to me.

    I first saw the trailers around 2005, like many. I saw it and thought, "O gee whiz, there's a dinosaur in the jungle. It's 'The Lost World' with bikinis." I was convinced the show was going to be a minor action show with just enough action to disguise the fact that it was basically an excuse to see women in bikinis [that was backlash from footage with Kate standing on the beach]. So, the show premiered, ignored by me. I had just moved in to college, so I really didn't have time to follow the show anyway, even if it was good.

    It was several weeks before I could make it ba…

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  • Bauerman24

    I have not been fully satisfied by the "answers" this year, either, but I still think that LOST is on track.

    It's like on Christmas Eve... all the packages are unknown. That was LOST, seasons 1 - 5. Now, it's Christmas Day, and all of the fantasizing we have been doing about what the packages have contained are being answered. Some boxes are opened just to find something else inside - another wrapped box. Others have been opened enough for us to see the general idea of the contents. After 5 years of guessing, its not surprising that some are disappointed in the results.

    Someone said, "O no, the source... ripoff of the Matrix". Really? Since when has any literature NOT been at least partly derivative? It's almost certain that most of Shakespe…

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  • Bauerman24

    Discussion: It worked

    March 26, 2010 by Bauerman24

    So, Juliet said, via Miles, "It worked". Why was Juliet so wishy washy pertaining to the detonation of Jughead? I know that there's the obvious reason about Sawyer's devotion to Kate, but may I suggest something else about the "It worked" comment.

    Maybe Jughead didn't create FST. Maybe it's sole function was to bring the crashies to the present day so that they could assist Jacob. Remember, her spirit said, "It worked" but not which part of "it" had "worked". Since an Island reset really shouldn't have brought them to present day unaltered, it is likely to assume that Juliet meant something else. Since they arrived in present day to help Jacob (and since Jacob stated "They're coming", implying he knew that Jughead would bring the crashies t…

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