• Bassrockindrew

    This probably won't happen, but wouldn't it be cool if this special feature everyone is talking about for the DVDs that has all the answers to the burning questions like the hurley bird and Walt's powers was like an interactive scene?

    Imagine this: they shot extra stuff during "What They Died For" where Jacob basically says:

    "So... What do you want to know?"

    And then on our DVD screens we get a list of like 15 or so questions. we click on each one, and then one of the four characters there will ask Jacob that question, and he'll give a response.

    I'd be equally happy with literally a crappy handheld camera pointed at Damon and Carlton on a couch where they just tell us the answers like a lecture, but does anyone else think that that would've b…

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  • Bassrockindrew

    I've been one of the big proponents of Christian and MiB being SEPARATE entities. When I first watched "The Last Recruit", my first thought was annoyed disappointment, and my second thought was, "He's obviously lying." However, since then, I've begun to realize how easily some of these holes, the reasons that I was so adamant that they were different people, can be filled. I will attempt to offer a few likely theories to solve some of the inconsistencies that occur when declaring that they are the same person, but in no way do I claim that any of them are definitive, OR that I personally BELIEVE any of them. Simply that, if we end the show without these being explicitly solved or being told that MiB was lying, we will have a few option…

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