This is more of a question than a theory. Regardless of the "whatever happened, happened" laws that Faraday mentions, it is still completely plausible that a character may attempt to do something in the past that would alter the future. The success that they would have has been an issue on Lostpedia among fans for a few weeks now. That aside will Sayid try and kill young Ben in an attempt to save them all in the future. I don't just mean in their 2004 future where Ben caused a lot of upset, but also their immediate Dharma timeline future. Ben is going to wipeout the Dharma also and Sayid know this. Sayid knows that Ben manipulated him into killing for him off the island and I think he suspects he is the reason why he was brought back. The look on Sayids face at the end of Namaste was not one of shock like you'd expect, but of plotting and revenge. (By the way as a side point, I also think the woman who was with Sayid on 316 was an other, pretending to be an FBI agent or a cop or something). What do you think?????

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