I was reading another post concentrating on timeshifts when daniel did the test regarding his "payload" turning up 31 mins and 18 seconds late, now stick with me on this one.. its a long shot, i know the guys took a few more days getting off the island but we saw a time difference, i did a calculation as to how they possibly got to the time they are now

the first crash happened sept 22 2004, 92 days later daniel did he payload test and the result was 0:31.18

now when they left the island it was 3 years (1095 days) between them being on main land and the flashes on the island

1095 days (3 years being gone) x the 31 minutes time diff from the payload = 339.45 1095 X 0.31 = 339.45

from the 339 we spit it in whole numbers, 30 years 3 days 9 hours and 45 minutes (this is rough)

now 2004 - 30 = 1974

the exact year the flashes stopped and ones who stayed on the island joined Dharma and it was the 3 years for them which lead to 1977 where they all joined back up

Dont flame me if any of this is a little off, its just a rough idea

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