• Baraka6

    Locke's Scar

    May 26, 2009 by Baraka6

    Hi, it dawned on me, as time passed on the island Locke started with a gaping cut on his eye and as time went on it healed into a scar, the thing whick has got me is that the scar has faded... so much so that some points its like he doesnt have it (unsure if thats a production error) but, when locke came back "from the dead" as we see it being Easu, his scar is back and this time so dominant

    To me at the beginning it makes sence, generally if your a leader of a tribe you get markings to show your position and status, do you think this has anything to it??? both when they started to survive and it fadeing to the point now where his form is taken over by sombody else and it reappearing

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  • Baraka6

    im not sure anyone has covered this yet, i just watched the variable and when the lost logo kicks in, its turns normally then sways right to go off the screen, anyone else pick up on it, it must have some osrt of meaning as its never happened before

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  • Baraka6

    Day 1

    April 26, 2009 by Baraka6

    On day 1, when jack was the first thing seen, he was laid out in the woods just like when he returned to the island, whats to say when the plane crashed it was another flash, obviously the others crashed along with the plane, but the main (oceanic 6)and sawyer we have to assume they flashes back on the island like they did maybe suffering from amnesia

    What do you think?

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  • Baraka6

    Split Timelines

    April 18, 2009 by Baraka6

    I was reading another post concentrating on timeshifts when daniel did the test regarding his "payload" turning up 31 mins and 18 seconds late, now stick with me on this one.. its a long shot, i know the guys took a few more days getting off the island but we saw a time difference, i did a calculation as to how they possibly got to the time they are now

    the first crash happened sept 22 2004, 92 days later daniel did he payload test and the result was 0:31.18

    now when they left the island it was 3 years (1095 days) between them being on main land and the flashes on the island

    1095 days (3 years being gone) x the 31 minutes time diff from the payload = 339.45 1095 X 0.31 = 339.45

    from the 339 we spit it in whole numbers, 30 years 3 days 9 hours …

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  • Baraka6

    The island / timeline

    March 27, 2009 by Baraka6

    Im watching lost again from the beginning, some things are becoming more clear, one thing that has popped in my mind we are now seeing dharma in the 70s and on the island in 2007, i was thinking maybe they were set to start on the island during the 70s working like they are now, the purge comes but they survive, in the meantime somthing happens like they all get amnesia and they end up back on the main land during 80s or there abouts, they carry on their lives then not knowing eachother they cross paths again, the plane crashes and start a fresh not knowing they have been there before and they are scattered around the island. It sort of makes sence as to why some are in the 70s and locke is in current time.

    I know its very wacky and far fe…

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