Is there white smoke?

I've seen something in "Namaste" episode and I want to know what you think about it.

It is out of the question that in the scene where Christian, Sun & Lapidus are in the recruiting place, there is somebody standing behind Sun... but the thing is... when they enter this place, we can clearly see that there is nobody in there.

While Christian finds the picture, talks to Sun and hands her the picture something happens... The door opens and a clear smoke begins entering through the door... please check this... the door opens, and the white smoke starts entering goes to the right side of the screen, it gets thicker and thicker, and when Sun looks at the picture, and we go back to her face, suddenly she is in the dark again... there is no more light / smoke behind her, just shadows.

Then is where we can see this person behind her.

So... smokey can make himself look like a person... many people have said that here before... but smokey can also look White??

Are there 2 different kinds of smoke? Is there good nature or bad nature on the people that it projects? Is then Christian a good person? Or is it Sun? Is it only a matter of light in the dark and can be take as a technical problem while shooting the scene? (I mean... maybe the dark smoke couldn't be really seen in the scene if it was too dark around...)

Who appears there and why? I think it is not a mistake, and it is not a minor thing... when Sun and Lapidus get to the Island, Smokey is there and takes a tree down or something. Then Christian appears, and talks to them, even when everything looks abandoned... and then... someone else appears behind Sun..

It is breath taking! :)

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