How many times can you save someone's life when you know they are ment to die?

The red shoes guy, Charlie, or even Ben where ment to die eventually... how many times can you save them? how long can you postponed something? it is not changing the past, they will die eventually, but they might have a purpose in life... if you help them to stay alive...

Ben doesn't want to die, and even when the island lets him get sick, he manages to get Jack crashed on the island, or was that just a coincidence?

Now... we have Juliet and Jack in a place where no other real doctors can react... how funny is that? None of them are credited as doctors... but we have seen Juliet making an operation already, and she will ask Jack for help if she needs to.

They will save Ben. Ben will surely be punished for being in the jungle at night, but not for releasing Sayid. Jin was assaulted by Sayid, who took his gun, shot Ben and run away.

The DI's would never think of Ben betraying them. They would think that Ben tried to stop the Hostile, and got shot. And Ben would think he hate the Hostiles for a while... but he will change his mind later on.

He will be a trusted person on the DI, but he will betray everyone eventually. Jack will be a hero for saving young Ben, LaFleur will be questioned for the scaping of the prisoner, and everything will go back to where it was.

The losties keep repeating themselves... in one way or another.

'till I'm proven wrong...


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