• BarSerrano

    I was watching the next week Promo, and saw something about "Dead is dead" that made think a lot.

    Charlie Hume, is enlisted in the cast as "Young Charlie".

    "Co-Starring Marvin DeFreitas as Young Charlie

    Devon Gearhart as Young Ethan"

    So does this mean that he is in fact Charlie Pace before beign adopted? does it mean that it is just written like that to separate one actor from the other (even when they could have just putted his last name in)? or does it mean that we will see more of Charlie Hume in the future? Or was this just a mistake?


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  • BarSerrano

    How many times?

    March 27, 2009 by BarSerrano

    How many times can you save someone's life when you know they are ment to die?

    The red shoes guy, Charlie, or even Ben where ment to die eventually... how many times can you save them? how long can you postponed something? it is not changing the past, they will die eventually, but they might have a purpose in life... if you help them to stay alive...

    Ben doesn't want to die, and even when the island lets him get sick, he manages to get Jack crashed on the island, or was that just a coincidence?

    Now... we have Juliet and Jack in a place where no other real doctors can react... how funny is that? None of them are credited as doctors... but we have seen Juliet making an operation already, and she will ask Jack for help if she needs to.

    They will …

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  • BarSerrano

    Oh Danielle...

    March 25, 2009 by BarSerrano

    I was reading about Smokey "infecting" the french crew... and I wanted to say something that has a been on my mind for a little time..

    I think Danielle got "infected" and killed all of her crew, maybe it was cabin fever or something... I know that Robert calms her down and then point his gun to her head... but she had already killed the other two guys... I think he was just protecting himself of a crazy lady and only wanted her to stay calm while he took her to his new camp or something...

    The problem is that we only see things from one perspective... and there's always two sides for every story... I think we should start watching everything from a different perspective...

    Robert might have just wanted Danielle to join the "Hostiles" in order…

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  • BarSerrano

    So, I was thinking about this: when the purge happens Alex is 4 years old, being born on '88 and having the purge on '92

    Can this confirm then that the Hostiles didn't killed ALL the Dharma's at the purge (even when she was not one of them), that it was them who kidnapped Alex and then gave her to Ben to be his daughter, and so, that the kids where adopted, getting their last names changed??

    Then one of my many many questions is: How bad Horace can be? I mean, how do you betray your own dad and your husband like this??? 'Cause, Ethan was not a baby at the time of the purge, he was 15 years old, so he changed is name willingly, and his mom stood in the ville with the new inhabitants too (if she is Amelia, from the book club)

    I can understand B…

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  • BarSerrano

    Just Kidding...

    March 24, 2009 by BarSerrano


    That Jughead... we haven't seen all of this yet ;)

    Sorry after I heard the last Podcast and the "Walt steal helicopters" I couldn't help myself :)

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