Hurley seemed to approach Locke with a confidence that he never add while alive pre-Protector and that he certainly didn't seem to have in "Everybody Loves Hugo" pre-awakening. And he sent Locke to, of all people, Rose. On one hand, Hurley would likely subconsciously connect with Rose if the two spent years on the island together. On the other, Rose was the one other person whom the Island healed. If Hurley had to guess who could wake Locke, Rose wouldn't be a bad choice.

The timeline's a little iffy. Hurley would have to have his dinner, his Spanish Johnny's lunch, his Santa Rosa meeting and his picnic all before Locke first went to work. But thanks to Locke and Sun arriving at the hospital together in "The Last Recruit", he already had to do all that in less than a day, so it's no use trying to apply a normal timeline here.

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