The Last Recruit wasn't merely bad. It actually managed to provide the least triumphant example of various beloved Lost elements.

  • Worst reunion scene. Of all the reunion scenes we've seen on Lost, Sun and Jin's somehow turned out to be the LEAST effective. It felt the most rushed, included the least epic music and featured a large group of people who seemed largely apathetic. The one interesting part, Sun's regaining her speech, also failed because Frank had to go and explain it for us. Besides, their scenes are so much better in Korean. Compare this scene to ANY other reunion scene, from the two's fantastic first reunion in "Collision" to even the beach reunion in "Dr. Linus."
  • Worst Sun and Jin scene. Continuing ranting about my shattered expectations, I felt less emotion at their reunion scene than literally any other scene the two shared. Sun and Jin on a boat - more emotional. Sun and Jim eating lunch - more emotional. To say nothing of their dozens of ACTUALLY emotional scenes - the wedding, washing blood off hands, learning of infertility, sharing pregnancy news, telling of infidelity, parting before boarding the raft, learning she knows English, teaching him English...
  • Worst explosion. An explosion can liven just about any episode. Than Zoe reveals her ability to launch missiles. At the unkillable demigod. Unsurprisingly, no one seems to care.
  • Worst act of defiance. Flocke smashes the walkie talkie with a stick. Yeah, you go man in black. That's showing her your strength,
  • Worst swimming scene. Sawyer goes for a swim but keeps his shirt on? Kate goes for a swim but keeps her pants on? They might as well have docked the ship at the shore and cut the swimming altogether.
  • Worst leap into the water. Remember the power of Sawyer jumping from the helicopter? Or the power of him jumping from the raft to retrieve the rudder in a completely inconsequential scene? This time around, we get Jack jumping into the water. Kate reacts after about ten seconds and doesn't appear to really care at all. And of course, Jack keeps his backpack on during the swim. He doesn't die.
  • Second worst reunion. Claire and everyone. "Hey, Claire. You look good." Except for with Hurley. I missed how funny "you look good" was the first time around.
  • Worst double cross. Widmore's men are pointing GUNS at the survivors? Oh my. Who would think.
  • Worst I Am Your Father moment. Sideways Jack learns that sideways Claire is his sister. We spend more time on him and David joking about it than on his initial reaction.
  • Second best Star Wars reference. "Who the hell is Anakin?" Sure, it came from a guy who'd earlier called Hurley Jabba, Michael Han and Jin chewie, but it was funny.
  • Worst sideways cameo. Hey, Desmond has a female lawyer friend. Is it Shannon? Is it Ana Lucia? Is it Juliet? No, it's... Illana. It's been a whole episode since we last saw her. And do we care how he life turned out different in this timeline? Nope. We don't even know what it's different FROM.
  • Worst well. Granted, we've only seen two wells. But the second well, supposedly "very deep" and connected to an energy source comparable to the Orchid's turned out to be a random shallow pit.
  • Worst slapstick. Sideways Sawyer trips Sayid with a garden hose and arrests him. Wait, who am I kidding. That scene was awesome.
  • Best slapstick. See above.

Seriously, if the part of the episode I enjoyed most is sideways Kate and Sawyer flirting, something is seriously wrong.

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