What is "the Swan shaft"?

It's that shaft below the Hatch, right? The one Jack and Locke looked down as season one concluded?

And as season 5 concluded, a magnetic force pulled Juliet down "the Swan shaft" to her not-quite death.

But the two are, when you think about it, completely unrelated. DHARMA dug a shaft while drilling down to the Swan pocket. Juliet and a bunch of metal fell down it. To actually build the Swan though, they must have excavated a whole mountain of earth. Then, as part of the new station, they must have built a new concrete shaft leading upward and then replaced the soil around it.

This doesn't affect our articles. It's not like we have a page called "The Shaft" that describes the two structures as one. But it raises some questions about what the final shaft was for. There's probably no good answer - the writers invented the Swan after they did the Hatch and just had to work around what they'd already made. Maybe we shouldn't try to answer it at all.

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