With them boarding a plane to fly into the next stage of the afterlife?

No, because:

  1. They were already boarding and flying an actual plane in the finale.
  2. The boarding-a-plane scene already completed Season One.
  3. Oceanic 815 taking off and landing already bookended the series by closing and opening the first and last seasons.
  4. They also boarded Ajira 316 in 316, so enough with the boarding already.

But what if none of the above scenes existed? Then would the plane taking off and flying into light ended the series ideally?

Maybe. But some viewers may have wrongly interpreted this to mean that the original flight also took them to the afterlife - the island. Or even that the series existed in a closed loop.

Realize also that even without setting the final scene in a plane, the church scene seemed reminiscent of an airplane's cabin. The doors opening called back to the tail splitting off. By showing the characters now literally moving on the the next life, the scene explained the imagery of the original crash scene, in which the characters metaphorically moved on to the next life.

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