"Moving On" seemed the perfect way to end Lost. But it ends other series pretty well too.

(Don't watch these if you haven't already watched the shows' actual finales of course.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Moving On With Buffy the Vampire Slayer05:16

Moving On With Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Moving On after Carnivale07:53

Moving On after Carnivale

And we have a new winner in the "Best Alt Moving On Finale" contest.

Carnivale's last episode wasn't its intended series finale. The creators planned for it to run for six seasons, as Lost did. But for an unintended finale, it turned out pretty epic. The lead met his rival, the Antichrist, and he sacrificed himself, killing both of them.

And then, well, it turned out he lived, and in the final cliffhanger twist, so did the villain. It's exactly like Jack surviving his final fight, and in the finale's final minutes, Claire reviving the Man in Black using the power of the Heart. Yet it still wrapped the series up pretty well. And what a series... probably the most Lost-like series out there, possibly even including Lost.

Friday Night Lights

Moving On after Friday Night Lights07:53

Moving On after Friday Night Lights

Many connections exist between "Lost" and "Friday Night Lights." For instance... um... Jack played football that one time? Coach Taylor left Dillon but initially had to go back? Faith?

Or how about we stick with "they were both good shows".


Moving On With Friends08:05

Moving On With Friends


Moving On After Newhart02:50

Moving On After Newhart

Party of Five

Moving On After Party of Five03:39

Moving On After Party of Five

Prison Break

Moving On With Prison Break07:59

Moving On With Prison Break

The Shield

Moving On After The Shield07:54

Moving On After The Shield

Going through our list of shows that ended similarly to Lost, we come upon this one, which ends as differently to it as can be.

All the characters realize how linked they are and move on together? Nope. The characters betray each other or kill themselves and their family. And our leader-guy, which the show ends on? No light for him. He is pretty much sentenced to hell.

At least that' how the show portrays it. Some people thought life chained to a desk wasn't punishment enough for Vic Mackey. But I know one John Locke who'd say otherwise.

Six Feet Under

Moving On after Six Feet Under07:58

Moving On after Six Feet Under

The Sopranos

Moving On After the Sopranos07:22

Moving On After the Sopranos


Moving On After Scrubs06:35

Moving On After Scrubs


Moving On After Seinfeld05:20

Moving On After Seinfeld

Voyage of the Mimi

Moving On After Voyage of the Mimi07:45

Moving On After Voyage of the Mimi

Ah, Voyage of the Mimi. The miniseries that Lost shamelessly ripped off.

Shipwrecked on an island? Check. A diverse cast of characters all forging relationships and learning to work together? Check. Demigods, time travel and the source of all life? Check. Ben Affleck? Check.

I suppose this is more like Lost season one than anything else... maybe I should have laid "Parting Words" or "Oceanic 815" over the clip.

And I think the little speech in this clip gives a good glimpse of what Lost could have been had it gone with science, as some viewers wanted.

Christian: "The most important part of your life was the time you spent investigating the properties of electromagnetism. You needed all of them, and they needed you."

Jack: "For what?"

Christian: "For almost all observable phenomena. Electromagnetism holds atoms together. As an extension to that, it controls all chemical reactions. It creates fields and is responsible for most forms of energy transmission."

Jack: "Where are we going?"

Christian: "To submit our findings at the symposium!"

The West Wing

Moving On After The West Wing07:51

Moving On After The West Wing

The Wire

Moving On After The Wire05:50

Moving On After The Wire

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