(Changing the closing music, even to Giacchino, makes zero sense and ruins the scene. But it's as good a starting point as any to launch a discussion on Lost connections.)

A continuous black and white repetition. Twins - the good white twin and the bad black twin. The horrific transformation. And from the film, rather than Swan Lake, we have the white twin killing the black twin... only no, not really.

And we have a mother who may or may not be a smoke monster. Taking a look at Barbara Hershey's performance gives me a better idea of why the producers cast Allison Janey. Barbara Hershey has recently resumed her relationship with Naveen Andrews - they had previously been together for 12 years. She is 63 now.

There's also the mirror motif, particularly the lead character noticing a bizarre, inexplicable scar in the mirror, a scar that begins to bleed. And we have the theme, once again, of "letting go." But unlike Lost and the other movies offering this theme, we see that totally letting go and losing yourself may be somewhat less than ideal.

When thinking out the connections to Lost, I actually said to myself, "Well, too bad that despite the seagulls and the Hurley Bird the show had no actual swans in it." Then it hit me...

Oh, and Darren Aranofski was supposed to direct "?". He pulled out because he'd just become a father.

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