This Place Is Death

This Place Is Death
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Episode number: 05

Original air date: February 11, 2009

Flashback: None; this episode continues storylines of those on and off the Island without delving into the past or future of any specific character. However many fans consider the episode to be Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon centric, due to the prominence of these characters.

Written by: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Plot: Locke takes on the burden to stop the Island's increasingly violent shifts through time as Charlotte's condition worsens. Meanwhile, Ben hits a roadblock in his attempt to reunite the Oceanic Six and bring them back to the Island.

Guest starring: Guillaume Dabinpons as Robert, Melissa Farman as Danielle Rousseau, Fionnula Flanagan as Eloise Hawking, June Kyoko Lu as Mrs. Paik, Marc Menard as Montand, John Terry as Christian Shephard

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