The Little Prince

The Little Prince
See main article: "The Little Prince" (Transcript)

Episode number: 04

Original air date: February 4, 2009

Flashback: Kate Austen

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan & Melinda Hsu Taylor

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Plot: Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron's true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining Island survivors in extreme peril.

Guest starring: Guillaume Dabinpons as Frenchman #1, Susan Duerden as Carole Littleton, Melissa Farman as Young Frenchwoman, Tom Irwin as Dan Norton, Marc Menard as Frenchman #2, Stephanie Niznik as Dr. Evelyn Ariza

5x04 Season5TheLittlePrince

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