Every Man for Himself

Every Man for Himself
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Episode number: 04

Original air date: October 25, 2006

Flashback: James "Sawyer" Ford

Written by: Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Plot: Sawyer discovers just how far his captors will go to thwart any plans of escape he and Kate might have, and Jack is called upon to scrub up in order to save the life of one of "The Others". Meanwhile, Desmond's behavior begins to perplex the survivors when he starts construction on an unknown device.

Guest starring: M.C. Gainey as Tom, Michael Bowen as Danny Pickett, Ian Gomez as Munson, Bill Duke as Warden Harris, Ariston Green as Jason (Other), Dustin Geiger as Matthew, Kim Dickens as Cassidy, Dorian Burns as Prison guard and Peter Ruocco as Agent Freedman.


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