All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
See main article: "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" (Transcript)

Episode number: 11

Original air date: December 8, 2004

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Plot: Survivors wonder why Charlie and the pregnant Claire have been abducted - and by whom - and a search party ventures into the treacherous jungle to try to find and rescue the missing duo. Meanwhile, inner-demons about his father resurface for Jack, and Boone and Locke discover another island mystery.

Guest starring: John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Jackie Maraya as Andrea, Matt Moore as Husband, Mark Stitham as Head Doctor, and Michael Adamshick as Anesthesiologist.


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