I spotted this great video on YouTube, which inserts Lost scenes into the Avatar trailer:


Ah, Lost and Avatar. As I wrote when I made the "Moving On" mix: A paraplegic on government benefits finds himself in a strange new jungle, were he regains the ability to walk. The land seems a magical place, and it at times even seems sentient. But it has a long history of clashes between its natives and an outside group, which dug into the ground against the natives' wishes. The outsiders had bows and arrows initially, but the outsiders had guns, yet the natives gained the upperhand, in part by using the invaders' own weaponry against them.

The ex-paraplegic explores, he hunts, he protects the place from invaders, and he eventually becomes its people's leader, though it means killing and betraying his own people. In the climax, the hero ("J.S.") faces off against the villain, who is now part human, part something else. The villain's about to stab his neck fatally, but the hero's girlfriend shoots him first, saving the hero.

After the land's protector is stabbed to death - at his own encouragement! - the hero takes his place because it's what's supposed to happen. And in the final scene, he leaves his earthly body behind. In the last shot, his eyelid flutters.

Also, Michelle Rodriguez dies. As usual, no one cares.


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