DarkUFO has released the unabridged, original scripts for The End and the Pilot. All other scripts are coming soon. This could be the biggest rush of material we've had since the finale aired.

I've read what's up already. It offers quite a bit of information for our articles and offers lots of scenes that never made it into episodes. But it's also a lot of fun just to read the scripts and see all the extra details the writers put in to describe scenes and people's motivations.

Maybe the most unexpected thing I've seen so far is all the profanity. While the characters restrict themselves to "damn"s and "son of a bitch"s, the rest of the script unleashes f-bombs at every opportunity, particularly in explaining the subtext behind character's words. And Ed Mars's scene on the plane? The script describes him as a "grade-A prickfuck." I wasn't even aware that that was a word...

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