Locke v Sayid screenshot

See the video here.

The big fisticuffs mash-up from "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" looks awfully... interesting post-finale.

There's the stabbing. And, soon after, the near-fatal throat attack, stopped by a third-party's gun. And there's something else, something I only noticed after making the video: the Others in the trees.

In "The End", we had Kate, Sawyer and Hurley who all chose to help Ben instead of chasing after Jack. Yes, Ben, their old enemy, who was under a tree but in no immediate danger, over Jack, their oldest and dearest friend, who had ventured off with a monster who planned to kill him. If even one of them went after Jack, the two could have overpowered Locke with no trouble. Instead, Kate arrived just in time to save Jack's neck but too late to prevent the fatal first wound.

With the Sayid and Keamy fight, we see that an entire platoon or armed Others were in the trees, just watching the melee. Any of them could have intervened, but none of them did - till Richard stepped forward.

This actually made sense. The Others had no stake in who won the fight. As far as they were concerned, these were just two equally bad island invaders. One had killed several of their people. One planned to kill more. Only Richard, who'd brokered an "arrangement" with Sayid, felt compelled to lend a hand.

Interestingly, the last time the two met, Sayid, off-screen, played the part of the Heroic Gunman. But he hadn't saved Richard. He'd saved Jack and Kate - by killing one of Richard's men. Richard assumed Sayid died soon after in the Incident, so when he met younger Sayid 27 years later, he held no grudge.

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