Jokes aside, I do think Hurley hoped to wake his friends in these first three scenes. Even the one with Locke - thnks to the flash sideways' twisty timeline, I think Hurley had awoken by that scene.

I also find all three of these relationships more interesting than Hurley and Libby's. I think Hurley had more interesting / significant relationships with EVERYONE in the church than with Libby, except for Penny, and perhaps Juliet. I even partly wish Cynthia Waltros couldn't schedule a season 6 return, because that would have forced the writers to make Hurley and Charlie wake each other.

Yes, it seems odd that Hurley woke up to Libby when he spent such a brief period with her. But it was a significant period. I think Hurley awoke not so much to Libby as a person as to the breakthroughs he experienced with her. With Libby, Hurley conquered his dependence on food and his lingering insanity - in a single episode!

During their "memorable kiss" in "Everybody Loves Hugo", Hurley convinces Libby that she's sane, and it's this reversal, this reminder of his epiphany while alive, that wakes him. Hurley's moving on with Libby is like Locke's entering the chuch with usable legs.

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