I like having the episodes templates on top of each episode article. It's gives us a quick look at the entire season, and it lets us easily navigate between episodes.

But it also presents a bit of a problem.

Take a look at, say, "S.O.S.". When I go to an episode page, I always scroll down, out of habit, because I'm used to the site and that's what you should do, but don't scroll down. Just look at it as a first-time visitor would. What do you see?

On my screen, I see a list of episodes. I see very little of the actual article at all. Between the giant wikia bar, our own banner, the article's title and its associated icons, the disamb line and the episode template, the article itself is pushed right down to the screen's bottom. In fact, I can't even see the whole infobox image, which, in theory anyway, belongs at the top of the page.

And that's on Chrome, which has no toolbars and blocks banner ads. If I open the page on Internet Explorer, I can't see any of the actual article. I can't even see the bottom of the episode template! Despite having a reasonably high screen resolution and hiding my taskbar.

People will scroll down if they want to read the article, since people do generally understand how webpages work, but it still looks pretty awful on first sight.

Should we move these templates to the end of the articles? Or autocollapse them? Or at least edit them to dramatically shrink them?

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