The Others planned to deliver Aaron by Cesarean. This wasn't such a bad idea, though drugging Claire was of course wrong. A Cesarean delivered Ethan, likely the last island birth the Others knew of. Women who conceive off-island "probably" suffer no complications, but Ben never let Juliet test this for certain.

Yet Alex said the Others would "cut the baby out of you" adding "you're going to die," as though the Others would harvest the child and then dispose of Claire's body. Alex then threw Claire into the jungle. Claire ended up returning to camp, giving birth in the jungle with no doctor - much more dangerous than giving birth in the Staff. But Claire was lucky she even made it to camp. Alex left a drugged woman alone in the jungle. Had Danielle or Ethan not found her, Claire would probably have died alone.

This makes me wonder - did Alex, sheltered on the island, living with no TV in community without pregnancy - not know what a C-section is? Perhaps this scene played out sometime in "The Substitute":

LOCKE: "In a Cesarean section, doctors cut their way into the uterus through the abdomen."
ALEX: "Ew!"
LOCKE: "Now let's be mature about this, Alex. Cesarean section have become more common in recent years, and complications occur far less frequently."
ALEX: "Except for the mother. Who dies!"
LOCKE: "Well all surgery poses risks. But on page 54, you'll see how low the mortality rate is for these mothers."
ALEX: "But they cut her open!"
LOCKE: "Sure. But they stitch her up afterward."
ALEX: "Oh."

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