Many of our premieres and finales break our rule for episode pics, which demand close-ups of the centric character's face. This makes sense. Some have no centric character. Some have several. And the closest approximation rarely sums up the episode, the original aim of character shots, since these episodes focus less on characters.

Rather than occasionally breaking the rule, we could create an official exception. For premieres and finales, don't showcase a character. Instead, for premieres, take a shot from the opening scene. For finales, take a shot from one of the closing scenes. Lost distinctly uses each season's opening scene to set the course of the entire season. The season's closing scene, meanwhile, is always very memorable.

"Pilot, Part 1"


Already implemented. The episode is Jack centric, barely, but we chose this opening shot rather than the required full shot of Jack's face.

"Exodus, Part 2"


Already implemented. This episode isn't "Jack and Locke"-centric. Locke has a flash. So do four other men. Jack has no flashes at all. But we chose this iconic shot from the closing moments.

"Man of Science, Man of Faith"

2x01 Jack

We definitely have to change this pic. It has a watermark, which is reason enough, regardless of its content. It's also yet another shot of a character holding a gun at the camera. It's a shot from the absolute closing seconds of the episode - a scene that continues at the end of the following episode and only really gets going two episodes later. It suggests the episode's big twist was that Jack knows the man in the hatch, and though that's the final shot's twist, it's nothing compared to the twist that there's a man in the hatch period. If we go with a Jack pic, we should take it of him exploring the Hatch - or, better, of descending into the Hatch. Or even of his quickly-forgotten epiphany with Sarah.

But with the new plan, we take a shot from the amazing opening sequence. Either a straight shot of the computer screen or a bird's eye view of Desmond entering the numbers. It's also tempting to use the teaser's final shot, but that of course reshoots the previous scene's closing scene.

"Live Together, Die Alone"

2X23 DesmondFailSafe

Pretty good as is, except for the watermark. Desmond turning the key is as close to the end of the episode as we need to go. Freed from having to shoot Des though, we could use the actual shot of the key and the fail-safe rather than his face looking down at it.

"A Tale of Two Cities"

3x01 JackIsland

Again with the watermarks! Wow, we really didn't give a damn back then, did we?

Not a bad pic. It's a) Jack's giant head, and b) green, which suggests the Hydra. Under the new plan, we'd take the wide shot of the island from the end of the teaser. It's a little irrelevant because the rest of the episode doesn't visit the Barracks (nor the beach camp, making the title choice a mystery) but it hammers down the main point of the episode and the season: the Others are PEOPLE. Who have their own civilized, industrialized society.

"Through the Looking Glass"


Rather than take the finale's opening scene, we could use its closing scene. Jack at the airport. Either a close-up shot, as current regulations allow, of a far shot that captures the plane taking off. That's the most memorable shot (in this episode, and in all of television).

"The Beginning of the End"

4x01 HurleyFlash

Hurley's expression does a pretty good job of capturing the whole season, if you think the point of the season is regret at having left the island. Of course that's also the point of the first half of the next season. If, instead, we get a shot of the Camero plowing through those fruit, we sum up the episode, and the season, with: we're off the island, baby! Which was, I'd say, the point of the scene.

"There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"


No change. This shows the centric characters, but it also shows the final (real-time) scene, sums up the episode and properly wraps up the season.

"Because You Left"


Already implemented. Daniel is not the centric character. We instead took a shot from the opening scene that seems to scream the caption "TIME TRAVEL!" I'd like to use the skipping record as a pic, but that's a problem because the spinning record/CD/tape is in any case a recurring motif.

"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"

J visits I

Meh. Yeah, the pic right now says, "And introducing... Jacob! (Who dies.)" The actual scene though means nothing. What is it, really? Is he talking to Ilana? Series done, we still don't know what that injury was about, but the scene itself was very significant... for the next season. Hardly any of the episode was actually from Jacob's point of view. It would seem very appropriate to instead offer a pic of... the incident. Or, best, of a rock banging at a nuclear core.

"LA X, Part 1"

6x01 Submerged

Already implemented. We debated using a generic shot of four people in the jungle or a shot of just Jack. Instead, we went with the teaser's closing shot.

"The End"


Already implemented. I'd still like the shot of the whole church, but either way, it's pic from the closing scene that closes the episode, the season and the series.

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