Two years ago, we marked the crash's 6th anniversary with a group rewatch. One year ago, we didn't, because we were still in the middle of the previous rewatch. Are we all ready to do the same thing this year?

Hell no. "We" don't even come to the this site anymore.

But I will open up the old blogs, a few at a time, so those who do feel like talking about the episodes can. I'll probably start by sharing thoughts I had when recently reading the first episode's scripts for the first time.

If this episode is on this week's list and you cannot post comments, contact BalkOfFame
This week's discussions:
"The Variable"
"Follow the Leader"
"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2"

Posters: Gideon's Life

Lost - The Great Re-watch
The Great Lost Rewatch

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