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  • Balanacus1273

    I have been using this wiki for about 2 months now while I have been re-watching the show. I can remember the bamboo that Jack woke up in like the back of my hand. It's truly a shame it ended because I always wanted to do an episode recap and summary on a website like this. The one thing that all losties will notice about me is that I have very different opinions to most people which can be complicated or just plane simple (see what I did there) I am going to be expressing my thoughts on lots of LOSTs best unsolvable mysteries. Like What are Walts powers, what did Locke see in the jungle in season 1 and my own personal spin on why there are polar bears.

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  • Balanacus1273

    Who wants to know?

    March 16, 2014 by Balanacus1273

    My blog writing expertise is not exactly up to par with all the other members of this community so I must ask you, anyone else, what should I talk about?

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