Has anyone else noticed the icons appearing in the corner of most of the templates at the bottom of articles? You know, the collapsible ones for navigation. Not only are they no longer showing for me (I just see a white space), but clicking the icon brings up a new window with the collapsed nav - only it won't expand even in that window. It will show and expand if I refresh the page, but all other templates then go blank until I refresh again. It's not just those either, it's even on the Recurring Themes template used on episode articles AND the episode nav at the top of each episode article. The latter is just ridiculous as the icon appears THREE times on the template, and actually mess up the layout of it. A good example is "The End".

If this is something to do with Wikia's latest tweaks to its New Look, then it is getting out of hand now. Whatever the point of this is, it's now messed up a valuable part of every article. How much more will we have to modify our site around these new changes? I had a pop up ask me what was great about this wiki in 2010 yesterday. I'll tell you what was great - pre-New Look was.

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